Chronological age represents the single greatest risk factor for human disease. Cellular senescence is defined as a permanent state of cell cycle arrest induced by cellular inflammation and stress. This cellular senescence has recently emerged as a fundamental component of the mechanism of aging that contributes (by secretion of inflammatory molecules) to age-related diseases, including cancer, chronic kidney disease, eye diseases at later age, atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis.

Numeric Biotech develops therapeutic compounds that selectively eliminate senescent cells (SNC’s). These therapeutic compounds were tested in various ex-vivo and animal models that demonstrated reversal of the underlying disease process. Apart from the therapeutic effect on age-related disease, these senescence cell removing compounds are expected to have a preventative effect regarding oncogenesis and the inception of chronic degenerative target organ diseases.

Striking pre-clinical in-vivo results were published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

NBT-103 deletes selectively senescent cells in vivo

Some of the in vivo phenotype effects of NBT-10


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